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Our San Jose Estate Planning Lawyer Explains How to Store a Will

Our San Jose Estate Planning Lawyer Explains How to Store a Will

As any San Jose estate planning lawyer will tell you, storing your will is just as important as creating one. If your family members can’t find this document, your estate may end up in probate anyway. That’s why you need to store your will in a secure place where it can easily be found.

Storing Your Will at Home

Many individuals choose to store the original copy of their will in a filing cabinet where other important legal and financial papers are kept. You can also distribute copies to beneficiaries or a personal representative. Fortunately, burglary, fire, and water damage are rare occurrences, so your home is generally a safe storage site. No matter where your will is stored, the most common problem is that family members don’t know where the original is or cannot find it. To save time and avoid legal costs, you should tell your personal representative where the will is located. You can keep a file stating where the will is stored and who has copies. You should also name an alternate representative in case the primary representative dies or is unavailable.

Storing a Will Outside Your Home

Safe deposit boxes are suitable for storing wills. However, it’s still important to make sure that your family members know where the bank is located and that the box contains your will. You should make arrangements with the bank to ensure that your representative can gain access. Otherwise, the box may be sealed.

Contact a San Jose Estate Planning Lawyer

Alternately, you may have your San Jose estate planning lawyer store your will or a document that includes instructions for locating the estate plan and contacting a personal representative. If you haven’t created a will or would like help storing it, a San Jose estate planning lawyer at The Freed Law Firm can provide assistance. CallĀ 831.661.0300 today.