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In addition to the formation of business entities (corporations, partnerships and LLCs), mergers and acquisitions and shareholder relations and securities laws (see Corporate Law and Partnership and LLC Law), business law is concerned with the many legal issues your business will confront in its operations. Your Freed Law Firm San Jose business lawyer will guide you with matters such as the following:

  • Purchase and sale of goods: You will want to consider up to date, practical, yet comprehensive terms and conditions or purchase and sale to protect your legal rights when selling your products or buying products from others.
  • Distribution of products: Your San Jose business attorney can assist you in developing the proper agreements to be used in establishing your distribution chain, including sales representative agreements, distributor agreements, value added reseller agreements, joint marketing agreements and others.
  • Employees and independent contractors. The Freed Law Firm can advise you on applicable employment laws, such as wage and hour laws, and prepare individual or form employment or independent contractor and consulting agreements for your business to use, whether it is retaining its own personnel or supplying personnel to others. Advice and preparation of the necessary documents to establish and implement stock option and purchase plans is also available.

Commercial Law

Commercial law deals with the sale and distribution of goods in addition to financial transactions, and is regulated, in large part, by the Uniform Commercial Code (UCC). While all states have adopted the UCC in some form, many states have modified its provisions to best protect its citizens. Features of the UCC as adopted by California and which are commonly encountered by businesses include the sale of goods under Article 2, leases of personal property under Article 10, negotiable instruments under Article 3 (including checks, bills of exchange, and promissory notes), bank deposits, collections and funds transfers under Article 4, letters of credit under Article 5, bulk sales under Article 6 (including liquidation of assets), title documents as per Article 7 and secured transactions under Article 9. Trying to engage in many common business transactions without fully understanding the provisions of the UCC can lead to canceled contracts, lost profits, and other legal penalties. Your San Jose business attorney at The Freed Law Firm will work with you to understand your rights and obligations under the UCC.

Business Succession Planning

Business succession planning is another issue that you should discuss with your San Jose business attorney. Doing so will make sure that any transfer of interest in, or management of, the organization is conducted in a manner designed to achieve stated goals and ensure the continued success of the business.

Seeking Legal Representation

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