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Patent Application Basics Explained By a Los Gatos Intellectual Property Attorney

Front view mid section of male lawyer holding book  Office workers having a handshake Los Gatos Intellectual Property AttorneyIf you are considering filing a patent application for something you have invented, you might want to enlist a Los Gatos intellectual property attorney to help you understand what the application requires and how to fill it out. There are several areas to the patent application that will need to be completed thoroughly.

The Specification

The first part of a patent application is the specification. This is a multi-part section that you will use to lay out the narrative of exactly what your invention is and how it is unique from other inventions in the world. The specification must be written such that someone who has special knowledge in the field of your invention should be able to build it independently to a successfully working state without any further experimentation. If there are multiple methods to build your invention, you must describe the “best mode” in the patent specification. Using a different, inferior method in the application while keeping the best mode to yourself might result in the loss of your patent rights. Here are the specific parts of the specification you must include:

  • Title: What you call your invention. It should be a technical description, not a marketing or product name.
  • Background: The field or subject matter of your invention, as well as a list of the relevant prior inventions. When conducting research for this step, it may help to have a Los Gatos intellectual property attorney research prior inventions. It is important to explain how your invention solves a problem that the prior inventions did not.
  • Summary: What your invention does and how does it solve the problems you outlined in the background section.
  • Description: A technical and thorough description of how your invention is put together physically and how to operate it once complete. This should be written such that someone with ordinary skill could follow the directions to make it.

The Claims

This is perhaps the most important part of the application. This is a list of detailed claims of exactly what your invention covers. This list will determine the scope of your patent rights if your patent is granted, so make sure this is as thorough and unambiguous as possible.

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